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North Durras session

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Hi All,

On Tuesday I headed up to North Durras to check out the opening of the lake. The lake system itself has been closed to tidal influence for the last 4 years and the water levels finally triggered the point at which council are required to help the system open. I arrived at North Durras at about 10am to find the excavator already doing it's thing ready for the high tide to peack at about 12.30pm. While I waited for the opening I set a couple of rods with bait and threw around some metals. The sambo's were willing to play ball with schools of about 15-20 fish moving along the gutter no more than 15m from the shore dump. It was just a matter of waiting for a school to cruise past and tempt them with any flashy metal.

I set one rod with bait while I walked down to check out the digger getting close to opening the lake. After about half an hour I decided that I should check the rod, good thing to as the rod was doubled over and losing line at alarming rate. I upped the drag and put pressure on the fish with only 50m of braid before I hit the backing knowing what the outcome woud be, PING! The fish had headed straight for the bommie out the front and braid meeting reef was never in my favour. I retrieved about 100m of braid losing about 150m in the process :ranting2: !!! Never saw the fish, but it was either a shark or Jew given the two or three head shakes I felt. A lesson learned!I was lucky not to loose the whole outfit!

Kept 2 sambos' to about 3kg and witnessed the rebirth of a great system. From all reports the mouth is now abpout 20-30m wide and flowing nicely. I'll head back on Monday for a return visit and see if I can exact some revenge.

Cheers Nick.

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