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sambos on the Northern beaches


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just a quick heads up I went to Dee Why today to get some weed(for blackfish) and saw 2 good schools of salmon at the back of the break.

This arvo when down to Manly and there was 2 or 3 good size schools between Queenscliffe and Manly Point


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I fished N Narra this morning for next to nothing - just a few nibbles.

Some late night fisho's had left a terrible mess at the beach: beer, bait, boxes strewn across the beach, even scissors and size 3 or 4 hooks left lying around in the sand. A passerby and I cleaned a some of it up, and the rest was completely cleared by beachgoers through the morning. It was the kind of thing that will get us banned from beaches.

The swell was really too small for the beach, so I tried off the rocks at the north end of the beach. Some other fisho's were kind enough to introduce me to pig fishing techniques at to give me some hooks: but no pigs for me today.

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