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The most rare, dangerous and expensive catch of all, the 'Square Grouper'!


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Guy fishing in Corpus Christi Texas caught this 100+ lb bale of Marijuana :1yikes:

It's called a Square Grouper by the US Coast Guard, bails like this are usually thrown out of planes or off freighters and picked up and carried in to shore by Go fast boats, quite often a few bails get lost and written off, or are thrown overboard when being chased by the cops... all in all that is one INSANE catch!

post-12166-051035000 1308875480_thumb.jpg

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I heard he had an even bigger one but got SMOKED!!!

so much for the saying - I havent got a POT big enough.

was he fishing at bong bong heads?

he thought his hook caught on a giant stick!


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imagaine the job of filleting, preparring and bagging it up! Brings a whole new meaning to the word "seaweed" Wonder how the japs would eat that? Wonder if there is a market for it? How much do you think it would cost /kilo on the floor? Would it be more expensive than flatties at the moment? :thumbup:

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Now that is funny Mrs S. Although if some blackfisherman were using the "weed" for bait, i wonder how many would be caught? As i can see Mr Fisherman starring blankly into the depths unware he is on! I know many who would sample the bait :thumbup:

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