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using soft plastics


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I lost my soft plastic virinity yesterday!!! landed a nice dusky flathead after hours of tring finally!

I had a few that I thought were hooked but let go after a short time. when fishing soft plastics should I strike when I fell a bite or wait for the fish to have a chew and hook himself?

thanks parso

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Congrats on your first flathead on plastics mate.You will lose way too many fish if you dont strike to set the hook,either they will shake it out on the way up like the ones you have already experienced or you will get them up to the surface and they will give a little head shake and spit the lure ,and thats worse cos you get to see what youve lost.Im sure there are a lot of opinions out there but i reckon really set that hook sometimes you may feel just the slightest bit of weight or a little tick on the line WHACK IT and 9 times out of ten you will punch that hook into the top of thier mouth and you will land more fish than you lose.Goodluck

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For most estuary species, I don't strike too hard, I just lift the rod tip up quick enough to set the hooks, and keep the pressure on them... good hooks are a must. The run of a good fish against fighting drag pressure, in conjunction with good hooks, and the tension kept on by the angler, will get you fish.

IMO you'll lose fish if you're jumpy and itchin to strike, whacking every bite you get. Try it next time: fish bites, weights there, lift and zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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