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Menacing little Mako attacked Hutchos Snapper

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, out with Hutcho today in his Coast Runner, we fished the close-in reefs looking for some nice little reds.

Well we found some but most were small and returned, Hutch played with some fiesty salmon and I was catching small reds and huge flowerpots on gulps.

We saw the odd whale go by and all was nice and pleasent and then the bloody westerlys blew up and spoilt the day, was not long after this that Hutcho

was bringing in another small red when it got smashed by a ravenous mako, only small around the 4-5 foot mark but was not going to let the snapper go.

Eventually he let the snapper go, he had a swipe at the stern and then took off..

We looked at each and shared a few choice words of amazement and motored home.

So that was our day out, some whales a few fish and mad mako, luckily I had my little camera out so a few shots were taken of the sharky..

post-3371-026691900 1309072223_thumb.jpg

post-3371-011672300 1309072243_thumb.jpg

post-3371-052444100 1309072266_thumb.jpg

post-3371-004182500 1309072295_thumb.jpg

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