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hey guys i am heading up 2 pittwater for the long weekend and was wondering if anyone could help me out on the fishing there at the moment. i will be chasing jewfish and paelagics, kingies, salmon, bonito etc. so whats the activity up there like at the moment and is there much live bait around?? i have a house on scotland island thats where i will be is there any jewfish spots around there?

thanks guys


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thanks guys u have been great help!!

plfishfinger im on the northern side of scotland island, CAMBRIDGE COTTAGE.

drop around for a beer and fishing chat on sat if u want, will be there with a few mates.

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Guest Jocool
yeah i am very addicted too!!

im gonna live on here! lol


Yeah mate...Know what you mean! I'll move some of my stuff around and make room for you! :074::074::074:

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