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Great Day In Canberra


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post-557-1118209906_thumb.jpgPut the tinny on Lake Burley Griffin at the Black Mountain ramp and trolled cod lures down the deep roadbank for nothing :wacko:

Worked along the rowing course and back for a few smallish redfin - enough to keep me occupied. In the reach opposite the boat ramp I had a hit that ripped yards of line off my reel and by the way it kept pulling back to the bottom, I was convinced it was a good sized yellowbelly. Turned out to be a very well condition redfin 37 cm long with a couple of small redfin (4 cm in her stomach).

Worked that reach for another hour for two more average redfin before my worms demanded lunch and dog demanded a leak.

All-in-all a good morning :fishing1:

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Nice looking redfin there granpop, nice and fat. :thumbup:

What are they like for chewin' on?

I've only caught a handful of them when I used to head to Mansfield and fish Lake Eildon but have never bothered to cook one up. :1prop:

Congrats again and a Fishraider record for your effort. :1clap:



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What a beautifully coloured Reddy :1clap: Despite their noxious fisheries rating, the 'ol Reddy sure to make fun catching. Willing to hit lures and fight quite well.

Hooky> The Redfin has been touted as one of the best Freshwater species on the plate. The ones I have caught (out of the Molonglo near Queenbeyan) were pretty good when lightly fried.



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Thanks for the comments on the reddie - it was a pleasing fish to catch & ate well too, dusted in flour and fried in butter (yum).

As they are so deep at the moment and need stirring up, I have been using various spinnerbaits. In summer when they are keener, a small Basspro grub (brown with a chartreuse tail) seems to be the go.

Darryl - that fish ruler is from WA- I also have a Victorian, SA, NSW & Qld around the boat. Hoped to add one from NT, but they were out of production.

NSW & VIC & SA stop short :thumbdown: , but WA and NT go the out past 60 cm.


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Guest Jocool

Hey Pop.....

I have the new NSW Saltwater ruler....Goes to 90 cm! :1naughty::1naughty: PM your address, and I'll fire one of to you!

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