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Tathra On Nsw Sth Coast


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Spent most of my younger days fishing around Tathra. Like Gabzi says, the old Steamer Wharf is a good place to start, although at this time of year it can be tough. In winter even the Slimies start to disappear as the water gets colder! Plenty of Yakka's and Squid around though.

Salmon and Tailor will be the main stays, Salmon throughout the day and as it gets dark the Tailor tend to move in. However I think for better Tailor you are better off trying the beach, particularly at the mouth of the Bega River.

Other species that show up in Winter are the sometimes annoying Barracouta. They can be a bundle of fun on light gear though! John Dory can also show up from time to time in the cooler months.

The Bega River is also close by and now that it is an RFA its turned into a Jem of an Estuary. Although with the colder water the Flatties will have switched of a bit good Bream will be around and if Jewfish is what you are after the river is your best bet (despite what Gabzi says, I have never seen, nor heard of, a Jew being taken from the wharf).

The local rock ledges are pretty good to, although I was never a rock fisho so I cant really comment to much. One little spot that is worth looking at however is the nearby Kianini Boat Ramp. Its a little harbour in Tathra that can attract some massive Bream and large schools of Sea Garfish, if nothing else you can see what the outside boys are bringing back into the cleaning tables!

Good Luck



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