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Help Port Macquarie


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HEy Fishraiders,

Its been a while since i last posted on this site. Have been working way to hard and not fshing nearly enough. But luckily i quit my job. So i am having a trip up to port macquarie this long weekend in celebration

Has anyone fished up there before??

I have had a couple of goes when i am passing through but have never caught much.

I might have a little tinnie runabout for the eastuary and like fishing plastics.

Any help would be really appreciated

Cheers guys


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Go 20 minutes south to Bonny Heads, walk along the beach and up on to the rocks. Walk along half way to the Alter or all the way to snapper rock. Tailor, Jew, Bream and snapper.

Les us know :1fishing1:


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Ah i have seen people do that along the harrington breakwall.

What sorts of things do you catch with the livies?? are you trying to keep the bait down near the bottom for flatties and the like or are you letting it float around for the jew and others??

Using Poddy mullet or something??



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