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Pw's First Legal Bream


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Yes yes it's finally happened after about 2 years of trying, al be it not overly hard. I finally caught a Legal Bream on a SP.

So 2 weekends ago i went up the coast to Booti Booti National Park with my bro and we went surfing. Chucked the flick stick in for a toss round Smiths Lake if the occaison arose.

Saturday the swell was 4-6 ft and buiklding, got some nice waves but got crazy cramp so no more surfing. Tried spinning the beach gutters to no avail.

Sunday the Surf was 6-8ft so i didn't go out. Decided to target the gutters again and found a really good deep one with some structure in it. 2 old blokes were catching whiting further up in the gutter so there was some action.

Rigged a Squidgy fish in Jelly Prwan, Cast it out and the wave and current action did the rest. Fought a massive 42cm bream as thick as buggery for about 10 mins in a 2ft shorey. Kinda funny seeing me with a 5ft11 rod with 6;b braid and 4lb fluro leader running up and down this gutter getting naied by the shorey. BUT SWEET JESUS IT WAS THE BIGGEST BREAM OF MY LIFE!!!!

Sooooooo Stoked!! Normally i wouldn't keep a fish of this size - 42cm. BUT i didn't have a camera and noone would believe me. Also my folks would have been pissed if i didn't bring it home so we had it for dinner that night, fed 3 of us.

Funny thing was it had a big ding in its head and no blue lips - thought a fish of this size would be quite old. Is it only the estuary bream that get blue lips???

Anyways here are the pics - not sooooo great but it's my first legal bream

Cheers PW



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that's like losing your virginity to a supermodel  :1naughty:  :074:


hahaha :074::074:

I guess the smile sais it all mate..way to go for your first legal breambo and let it be the begining of many more to come :thumbup:

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