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Saturday Morning Spin


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Hello Folks,

Decided to hit the bay this morning with my brothers mate Tony who did not have

much luck previously SP Fishing.

We hit the water just after 7:30am. Worried about the 'first cast catch' jinx, we made sure first cast was retrieved very quick :1prop:

Ended up having a good day on the water getting some quality Trevally, Bream and flathead. Also had a king about 80cm interested when I was bringing in a Bream. We instantly dropped other lines straight down but had no interest from the king.

Tony's SP adventure ended up a good one, getting the two biggest trevas of the day going 48cm and 50cm.

Some photos of Tony and trevas please myself with a Bream and Treva

Cheers Nick





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well done. some nice fish there :thumbup: good stuff for this time of year

if you don't mind me asking which section of the bay you fishing? and what technique - just drift and cast? plastics?

whenever a kingie shows up i've managed to convert into a hookup if a blooping style popper is fired out near where the fish just was. 'blooped' back in short bursts with long pauses usually pumps the king up enough to start nosing it. remember to pick up the retrieve as the fish nears the lure. onlty then will you get it fired up enough to strike. i've been wanting to try 'walk the dog' style poppers for this kind of fishing.

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