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Katie Does It Again


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]Went out for a bit of a fish this morning wuith the daughter before we got rained out, started out down at Woronorra with absolutely no luck so after about 2/12 hours without so much as a nibble we decided to head off to the Georges River.

Wasn't a whole lot better but there did seem to be a lot of small bream around and Katie managed to get her 2nd ever fish on her 3rd time fishing, so as far as fishing witth Kate goes it's Kate 3 Dad nil and boy is she reminding me about it :wacko:

Even though the fish weren't on the bite it's sure a great way to spend time with the kids and beats em sitting in front of the telly playing XBOX.

All she needs to do now is progress to actually touching the fish so I don't have to keep sticking my hand in the photo :074:

Hopefully out on the boat next weekend so maybe Dad will get one on the scoreboard then.

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Guest bluecod

Well done Rob - and congratulations again to Katie

As plfishfingers says - its definitely the way to go with young'uns :thumbup:

Besides she's also got to get a buzz seeing her photos on the 'puter.

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