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Maianbar 12/6 Quick Arvo Sesssion


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With plans for a picnic/fishing session on monday with :wife: and friends.I decided to head to maianbar to pump nippers and to squeeze in a quick fish. Arrived at just after 4pm(low 5:20) with No1 son. headed out on the flats and pumped a few nippers all the while slowly heading towards main channel.

Once at the main channel proceeded to set up rods and bait up son(lucky he knows how to cast,atleast). There were lots of pickers around so repeated previous several times.Nathan then says he has a fish and winds in a little toad :thumbdown: once it was dealt with and uncerimonaslly returned to water,had to bait him up again.

Checked my negleted rod and of course no bait. As i am casting out again Nathan pulls in a just undersize whiting. Removed and returned to the water,and rebaited his rod.

Checked my rod and of course nothing.It was then Nathan decided to play in the sand :1clap: .Pull out other my other rod rigged with a bass minnow(pearl/blue) on a suidgy finesse jig head.

Second cast using a slow lift/wind retrieve i come up tight on what felt like a good fish,after a short fight and one burst just as i was about to beach it,in comes a flatty.My first legal fish on a sp :yahoo::yahoo:

A few more cast for only one missed hit,but my other rod buckled over with a nipper and i pulled in a 32cm whiting.

As it was getting very dark and no1 son was getting hungary decided to pack up and leave just before 6pm

The flatty went 46cm and is my lunch tomorrow :thumbup:

P.S. sorry no pics only had mobile with me and didnt turn out to good.

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Guest Jocool

You think its great that you HOOKED your first fish on SP? Congrats on that...But your the ones thats HOOKED now! Wait till you start acquiring SP's! :thumbup::thumbup:

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