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Great Day On The Bay


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We got on the water about 8am and headed for the HWO for yaka's and with ferals wife being indoneasian it was going to be a fight as to weather they were used for bait or kept for the plate.

after boating about 15 horses (too big for lives) and 1 bait sized one we headed for moullinex point to join the other 600 (or so it seemed ) boats there.

after getting SFA we lifted the pick a little and did a very slow drift/drag accross the channel burleying up a school of mid sized slimies.

Feral had a ball he had never caught so many fish in a session before and with a wife at home that can turn bait into a first class meal he was sure he was well in front, but even catching slimies on light gear gets boring after a while and with the day slowly comming to an end we headed for the first runway for a quick fish to end the day.

3 minutes in i boat a nice trev that was earmarked for the plate 2 minutes later ferals noodle bends in half and after he did everything he could to lose the fish he brings in a pb bream that went a hair under 40cm and was in great fat condition.

you would have thought he had just won saturday lotto by the danceing and yelling .

then it was my turn again and another two trevs and two tailor (one a pb of 39cm) came to the keep net.

that was enough for me so i returned the next few trevs and some small reds but feral wasnt finished and grabbed another nice bream that went a fat 30cm.

all in all a good day out made better with the grin all over a mates face after he has his best session ever.

ferals bp bream


my tailors


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Guest Jocool

Good stuff Brian. I was half expecting to see you in jail for murder after your last trip with Feral! :074::074:

Looks like you both did good. :thumbup:

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Good stuff Brian. I was half expecting to see you in jail for murder after your last trip with Feral! :074:  :074:


yeah he was a bit worried about being left out there :074: but he proved himself worthy of another shot (and he promised me some of his wifes cooking :thumbup: )

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