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Lake Maquarie


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Hi all,

Went out for a family cruise with wife and daughter yesterday. Of couse a rod had to come along just in case I wanted to do a spot of fishing.

We cruised around the lake for a while with my 2 year old hell bent on steering the boat, and throwing stuff overboard. Stopped at a likely looking spot near one of the many shoerlines and started thowing a lure around. First cast boated a nice flattie of about 50cm, I thought this was ok and the daughter thought it was pretty funny too. To cut a long story short we moved around a bit and because the girls were having fun I got to keep fishing. During the next couple of hours a boated 4 more flatties between 45 and 50cm, two Flounder at 30cm, a nice little Trevally and some tailor.

All in all a fun day with the missus trying her hand for the first time lure fishing, but was unable to boat a fish. The little girl had no tantrums which is always good and had a ball throwing my tackle overboard.

When I was drifing a flat in about 1 meter of water I noticed something hit the surface, so I quickly chucked my lure at it with an instant hookup. I saw a long thin silver flash at about 60cm or so. A quick tussle and 'pop'.Damn. Later on same thing again , i chucked my lure and got another instant hook up. This time it was bigger, but the same long silver body feeding on the surface. This one also busted me off after doing some death roles on the surface, and was quite heavy.I called it for a Long tom or Pike but I dunno. Can anyone tell me what this might have been ? Im keen to go again and land one of these suckers.

Anyway a fun day out with a few fish thown in as a bonus, ID on the silver fish would be appreciated. Sorry no photos.

Cheers :1clap:

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I'd put solid money on a long tom. We get heaps of them there. Moreso around the deeper waters though.

Good work on the lures! We fish down near summerland point, and try as I might, I've never done any good. Too many weeds.

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Thanks Cova, Longtom it is then. Im determined to boat one, they were very aggessive in the shallows too. Your right about the weed some parts are unfishable with lures.

Im keen to hit some of the big Navigation bouys around the place. There is a big yellow one past Summerland point on the way to Swansea, no need to fish on the bottom there I dont think.

I was fishing around summerland point for a while in about 4 meters and tried jigging the plastic straight up and down to avoid the weed and picked up a nice flattie this way. Interesting.


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Yep - bloody long toms. They are around here too and are a bit difficult to hook on sps - a lot easier on bait. Big buggers can give you a real serve if you manage to connect. Hope you land one!

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