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Fish Raider, Fish Raider, Fish Raider...


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HI all,

I went out on Mon at about lunch just on the turn of the tide. Put in at Powerboat club at Caloundra. A lot of boats were heading in, but there stil wasn't many parking spots. Headed for the banks opposite Bulcock Beach and trolled around for an hour or two with hard plastic and prawns. There was a fella there in small tinny that had landed a few lizards. But not me. To be honest it was just nice to be out in the sun. Had a mechanical problem that had me pulling the control box down and fixing the cointrol lever.

There was another dude who had anchored over a sand bank and nearly got stuck. Took him about 10 minutes to get off. If he was any longer he would have been there till very late.

I was surfing channel 96 calling for any "Fish Raiders: in the area but there was no responses. Wasa any one out from 12-4pm yesterday?

Headed back in at about 4 and came across a few others that had also bagged a few 50ish cm flattys at the mouth of Bell Creek and across from Golden beach on the Bribie side.

Boat is running very well, have tuned it and now it idles very nicely when trolling. Unfortunately it is a bit fast to troll so i will rig up my auxiliary soon.

Had a lovely day.


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Same deal, I went out for a run on Friday morning and made a few calls across a range of channels (including 96). So in short just haow many guys (and gals) are there in the caloundra area and how often do you get out.


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