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My Best Day On Lk. Mac.


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Was on the water by 5.30 and headed to the the spot that has become my starting point now. Anchored up and with a bit of drama threaded a prawn on in the dark , threw it out and started birleing, got my first fish a 27 cm. bream. :1clap: I got stuck into the birly( slimey frames and pilchards) Next run was a snapper of 35 cm, :yahoo: 10 min later i bagged a 32 cm and then a 31cm. :yahoo: : :1clap:It was overcast and raining, I,ve had agood day and was thinking of heading home when i had my last good run, a better than the average flounder. What a day, my best here so far. :1clap::1clap::1clap: Good luck all Norm.

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Well Done norm, :1clap: That lake is just getting better and better.... everyone i have talked to thats been fishing there for years have said how much that it has improved.. I'll have to head back there for a bream session soon ..

Cheers Evan,

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