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Almost Got A Big One


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Hi all,

Went out around Akuna Bay and cottage point etc yesterday for some bream and see what else was around. Had a very quiet day with only small baitfish to be seen, then decided to do a bit of trolling, a couple of pillies and a small squid put in the water and going through the slow zone of cottage point, had a small hit on the rod in my hand then a huge hit, not knowing what was happening I began we stopped the boat while I wound in the catch, then the line went slack sort of. Initially I thought the line broke, but there was still a little bit of wieght on the end, eventually I could see some silver and thought for a small fish that had some power and then upon a closer inspection, I had half a Bream on the line. Bugger I actualy would have prefered the fish that took the other half, oh well maybe next time.


Does any one have anysuggestions on what took the other half?


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Have often seen small Hammerheads crusing that area, have caught a few too! About a meter long, quite capable of a bite like that!



Agree, I have also caught a small Hammerhead near gunyah. They love live bait!

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maybe even a kingie???


I'm thinking large tailer or small shark, Kingies don't have the teath, looks like a clean bite. I have also pulled up small snapper like this, A shame they can't open there mouth a little wider and take the hook... :ranting2:

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Guest Jewel

Im going with the shark, only because we picked up a little Mako out the front on Saturday and the Skippers mate got 4 on Friday off Whale Beach.

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Guest bluecod
I think the elusive Hairtail strikes again!!! :1yikes:  :074:  :074:

That's a very clean bite.


The dentures on a hairtail make a wahoo look like a catfish. No hairtail took that pinkie - the bite's too wide and not clean enough.

I'm tending to call it for a tailor who love to chop the rear end off.

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