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Tiny Fish


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We always comment about the one that got away and how big it was. The smallest fish I ever caught was a snapper about the size of a match box.

Has anybody ever seen the likes of Kingfish or Jewfish this small.



1 1/2" Bass on a 2" plastic

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I know this is serious cheating, but a couple of years ago I helped out on a research project where we used a fine drag net to see what was living in the sea grass in Botany Bay. Obviously LOTS of tiny fish: bream, leatherjackets, luderick, pipefish (LOTS and LOTS of pipefish), but I thought the jewies were the most interesting. They look nothing like what you'd expect them to look when they're less than 1.5 cm long! A visitor also came to our University a few years ago with a pile of juvenile pelagics he caught off Kona, Hawaii in a plankton net. Two cm-long marlin and broadbill are bizarre: all eyes and a tiny beak. :fish_h4h:

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G`day Fellas ,

To match my smallest fish , istly take your mothers sewing Kit , peel off a about 6 feet of white cotton , bend a paper pin into a hook , tie one end of the cotton to the PIN , the other end to a length of bamboo then , dig around in the vegie patch , till you find a few nice juicy worms .

Sift through the garbage tin till you find the cork from an old plonk bottle , and cut off a piece of the cork the size of a fingernail plonk bottle cork , attach it 2 feet above the hook .

Add the worms to a used jam tin , and head for the nearest dam , water hole , or creek.

Thread one small piece of worm onto the bent pin , and flop your baited hook into the creek close to the weed beds.

Sooner or later you will see the unmistakable bobbing of the cork , and after a gentle strike with your fishing pole , you will have caught your Ist Guppie.

However , one must be very carefull catching Guppies , because it can become extrememly addictive , affecting your life forever .

This is a true story ,so do not try this at home.

How big was my ist Guppie you ask ?, well , we didn`t really worry about measuring our catch in those days , thats a new fashioned idea.

But I did have a photo of me posing with my outfit and catch , taken on an old Box brownie , but it has since faded into oblivion , but my memory has not.


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Guest Jewel

I boated a kingie off Port Stephens 2 years back that was about 20cm, we didnt know they made them that small! It came out of a school of yakkas while we were picking up livies. Unfortunately we didnt have a camera at the time.

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Sure mate, live bait em with a slow trolled plankton, play em out on dental floss then tag and release.  :tease:


They all go into formaldehyde solution, and marine biologists aren't big on formalise and release...

The poor bastard actually had to dissect them to look for the otoliths (ear bones), which contain growth rings related to the age of the fish (same as trees). Hundreds of hours looking down a microscope working with a pair of needles...

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Once while on a houseboat for a few days on the murray, was trolling a hardbody for yellowbelly perch and Murray Cod, had no hits so i brought it in and had a tiny fish about 1.5 cm long hooked on the treble, continued to use the tiny fish for bait and caught a big CARP.....

I have also had 2 " flatties try to swallow whole whitebait right next to my feet in the shallows.


If that was in NSW then I would keep it quiet :1prop: as you cannot use finfish for bait, live or dead in NSW fresh waterways.



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Guest fishrunner

on soft plastics it would prob be the little fella in my avatar,- caught on 3 inch minnow. :1yikes:


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