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Windy Day On L/mac.


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Had a late night last night ,Joey and the boys smashed em.Had to have a few :beersmile: to celebrate and arrived at the boat ramp at 8 am sporting sunglasses. :tease: :1prop:There was a stiff N/W and a good chop on on.Headed over to Tailors Bay to drift with the wind over to Nords. 30 min and my first bight which was a 31 cm snapper :1clap::1clap: A few more throw backs followed so i headed back over for another drift. An hour of drifting past with more throw backs untill i got a good hit ,which turned out to be a32 cm reddie. :thumbup: : :thumbup: After that the wind became a real pain,decided to call it a day becides i,ve got a hangover to take care of :beersmile: Good luck all.

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