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Hand Held Uhf ?


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Guest bluecod


If you only want a radio to chat to other Fishraiders and the occasional safety check to Coastal Patrol/Guard. I would be first finding out what radios other Fishraiders use i.e. 27mhz, VHF, UHF or mobile phones.

On the hairtail night 27 mhz was by far the most popular with only three boats carrying VHF [2 boats with both] I will mention that 27 mhz had its problems deep in the Cowan system, whilst VHF was coming through 5/5.

Another aspect to consider is the coverage provided by the local base stations and their hours of operation.

You don't need to have an operators license for 27 mhz, though I understand you do for VHF and UHF.

I currently run 27mhz only in my boat and after seeing first hand its shortcomings over any distance, I will also be installing VHF.

Food for thought.

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Guest bluecod
Just had a look at the Fishraider radio thread, 27 meg,  not uhf !

What do the base stations / coastguard use?



They monitor all three and some marinas also use 27 mhz for boat to marina working operations - 27 mhz is by far the most predominant in Australia, but is virtually unheard of overseas due to its limitations.

I've an open centre console and simply unplug it after each trip and take it into the house - I have made up a clear plastic raincoat for it in case of rain/splashing.

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Wow, what a learning process! Decidind on the boat, then the motor, sounder, gps, radio, so many options! BUT good fun!

Do they make a hand held 27 meg?

Thanks for your help guys.


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Guest Jocool

I haven't seen a hand held 27...But with the tackle show looming, I'm going to guess that you will be able to source one at the show, with all antenae/cables for around $150! Thats what I'm hoping for anyway! :1prop:

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Guest hottuna

Depends on how far you travel. Don`t be fooled by any handheld`s range on paper. They do not have the range of a fixed unit, no matter what you read. Great for a spare but i wouldn`t rely on it when fishing a weekday with not many other boats on the water. Go a fixed unit, most cc have the aerial mounted out of the way ontop of the console screen.

Uhf is NOT used in boating, 27 meg and "V"hf all the way = very high frequency.

I too wanted a handheld vhf and was told by many not to waste my $$$ and get fixed mount.


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