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Jewies Still On


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G`day Fellas ,

More repoprts Just In that The Jews are still on Here.

Youngfella caught 3 Fish around 10/12LB last night , with another fisho catching three as well last friday Night .

No pics this time Fellas , he made cutlets out of them before the Batteries in my camera recharged.

Play Of the Day though , goes to Local legun Steve Peters , who I`m told , fought a very Large JEW for about 40 Minutes , only to have it spit the Hook at the drop off.

Bystanders said it was close to a 6 footer .

Also , some fella was reported buying up multiple Bags of Ice this morning , to pack his Jewfish Fillets in for the long ride home to Victoria , seems he donged a few at Manning Point last night , somewhere up the beach .

Not bad for a Ist Timer Public Servant , recently retired.


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