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hey guys, went out on bertram last friday morning. trolled from scotland island to barrenjoey with 1X 35cm tailor. went to wesat head burlied up majorly for no live bait, not even a bite was very dissapointed!!! could not get close enough to the rocks as i have a 25 ft boat and there was a little bit of a swell.

after that we trolled abck down to scotland island where my holiday house is and got a triple hookup, these 2 tailor and 1 salmon.

then on the final strech back to the house nailed another salmon. whilst waiting for the water taxi to pick us up from my wharf, we jigged for squid and caught 1 baby and 1 massive 50cm squid. noticed there were 4 more with the one i caught but did not take the jig.

all in all a pretty good day and i will be going back again this friday.





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