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Fish Repelling Pheromone In Humans?


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I recalled either a discussion or an article about how humans secrete pheromones (some more than others) and some pheromones are found to be a fish repellent which might explain why some people just cannot catch fish no matter what they try. The story includes a story of George Bush Senior, if I'm not mistaken, being an avid fly fisher but rarely caught anything no matter what he tried or where he fished and it was later found that he produced more of a kind of pheromone or hormone more than most normal people and it was shown to be a fish repelling factor.

Anyone know where that article can be found and what the offending pheromone is called?

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do you think stuff like ultrabite would mask that pheromone occuring in humans?

I don't know if i'm sold on the stuff yet. My catch rates don't seem to increase when i use the stuff. Maybe it's best purpose is not attract fish but more stop them from being turned off our natural smells..

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