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Whats On This Weekend ? 25/26

Ken A

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Might give the boat a tidy up and clean/wax. Hopefully will manage to get the digital TV antenna installed all by myself :wacko: so that I can watch the footy while I'm working on the boat. Forecast looks ordinary so maybe I'll just visit Ken at Caloundra for a fish and a couple of :beersmile::1prop:


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Guest Jocool
we could all wear a code of clothing so we can identify each other....




Hey Gabz....If you had bought a Fishraider patch....... :1naughty::1naughty:

I have made a post in the Bar regarding the show. Maybe we can use the ABA stand as a meeting point?

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Guest hottuna
Hopefully will get to the show on Friday or Saturday.

Sunday will be taken up with soccer and maybe a  :beersmile:  or 2


hitting broken bay, weathers bad so looks like i`ll be chasing jews all weekend.


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I'm working on my boat all day Saturday, hopefully she'll be ready to be back on the water next week.

I'll fish with Byron on Sunday, we may stay local, may head to Sussex, or we could be chasing trout...


Heading to Sussex to Fish the Basin with Nick on Sunday Andrew, might see you there



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Whats Caloundra looking like Ken??

Tides are no good until Tuesday. The arvo tide is getting too small & too late & the morning tide is too early. You would need to be there at 3.30am & go wading with rays in the dark :1prop:

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well the wind today would blow a dog off a chain so friday arvo is out, tomorrow looks like 20 knots so thats a no, sunday says 5 to 10 knots so thats definately the time to wet a line for us.


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Handing out Krispy Kremes all day Saturday.

Handing out Krispy Kremes until late Sunday afternoon.

Soccer v the boys from Cronulla Seagulls after that.

Then a few quiet :beersmile:

Have a good weekend all!



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