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Narrabeen Lake

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Guest Jocool

You could always grab some mates and dig a chanel by hand! Once the water starts flowing, like Dave said, it will gouge out a chanel!

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Guest bluecod
Does anybody know, when how, or the process by which the lake is opened.  I have found fishing to be below par since the closure. 

Any thoughts


A combination of events both natural and man has opened the lake in past times.

DaveL describes the natural way, however if water quality in the lake deteriorates, Council has been know to move in with 'dozers, backhoes and drag lines and excavate a channel. It is preferable if the lake is full at the time to get a better scour going.

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Yeah as bluecod mentioned its usually nature that makes the tidal flow happen but council usually give it that extra touch along to strengthin the flow and the from there on it usually widens up real easy and fast..

Quite keen to hit it around mon - tues night but tides are not looking all that inviting but in saying that with the amount of bait that would get flushed you would think something would be lurking the entrance for sure..

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