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Botany Bay


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Guest Jocool

Do you mean at the drums, where they moor the oil tankers to be of loaded? If thats the one, its a great spot when there isnt a tanker there. Its fairly deep under the drums themselves, and generally of a morning you will some surface action that you can chase around the bay.

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the cans (drums) are right out in the middle, at the end of the re-fueling warf there are all sorts of fish there at any given time, reds, lizards, flounder, kings, slimies etc. etc. at other times its a desert.

in that general area there are quite a few spots to try like moulinex point, watts reef, the hot water outlet and the runways

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Hello everybody.

How do i get to the Drums?, do i need a boat or a canoe ?.

What kind of fish can you get there, I have heard of this fishing spot before on a other website.

thank you



The spot your referring to is known as the ”cans” and is in the middle of botany bay and a boat is needed, I suppose a canoe could used if your game enough. The cans can produce at various times king fish, tailor, trevally, bream, flathead, Jew fish, and on occasion bonito also a good spot to catch yakkas and slimies. :thumbup:

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