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55 Lb Jewie


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G`day Fellas ,

Caught up with OLD BAR Top Gun Lawrie Pukallus today , who has finally purchased a PC , and will shortly be on the net.

He nailed a 55 pounder on Monday Night at Smiths beach , and as I arrived , he was preparing some large steaks for the Barbie.

So , untill he gets set up and can work alone , he will call in at my joint so I can photograph them for posting on this site for us all to enjoy.

Lawrie is an astute fisherman , and for the Old Farts , you may just remember him from the Bait shop at TOM Uglys Bridge , which I think he owned .

He has been retired here for some time now , and as you would expect , knows the area well.

He also catches his fare share of Flatties , Bream , whiting and Blackfish , and can pull worms , faster than anyone I`ve ever seen.

This will be fun...


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