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55 Pounder Pic


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It's a great fish in anyones book....where is the tell all story to accompany the pic???


Gee, even I got modded :)

The tell all story to go with the pic will come when Roger gets his new PC and becomes a member, untill then you'll have to read Micks other post hereabouts titled something like 55 pounder, or Jewies by the truckload etc etc.


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G`day Fellas ,

The story will have to wait for a few days i`m afraid , I`m helping him set up his puter.

The fish measured I think he said about 134-5 Cms , and weighed in at 24 1/2 kilos.

His mate , said it was a realy , realy solid fish , and also , one of the best looking fish he had seen in Years , with not one single blemish on it.

Will be trying hard to get into his piccie album fellas , should be interesting.


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Guest Jocool

Congrats to your mate Mick. Solid looking fish. :thumbup:

I worry about you Daniel!

Everyone wants to know size, and story involved...and you ask this!!! :risata::1happybday: Mate.

Do you know what was in his guts?


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hahaha :074: Joe you blighter.

Wanting to catch a monster Jew one day (or any jew for that matter) I am interested in what the big fellas have been eating.

Are there guts full of whole squid? Whiting? Yakkas? Maybe they are all full of McMuffins and we should be throwing out shite fastfood for them - I dunno!! :biggrin2:

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