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Punt Project


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I wish to embark on boat building project in the upcoming year. Im thinking of buying a 3.55 to 3.90 meter v-nose punt or similar, and decking it out fully for estuary and creek application, casting lures etc.Im doing flat floors, swivell seats the whole bit.

I just wanted some opinions on hull design, im looking at Sea Jay Barra punt 3.55, Stacer Proline 3.70 or maybe Quintrex 3.7 Traveller as some starting options. Has any one got any thoughts on any of these hulls or maybe something else which would fit the bill.

Thanks :ohyeh:

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They are both great options if you will be limiting yourself to creeks, but unfortunately will be a bit hard riding in the estuary in any sort of chop. If you can live with that, then they should be OK!

If those are your 3 options, I would side toward the Proline from Stacer. It offers slightly better chop handling than the others I think!

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Go to 3.85 if you can, a little bigger and heaps more stable!

Stessel edgetracker is 2.00 wide and Quintrex explorer 1.8

The 3.7 boats are only 1.45 to 1.52 wide that extra width makes the 3.85's a lot more stable! The edgetracker is far more expensive, I like the Quinnie!

Depends if you want a car topper or are going to trailer it? The 3.85's are too heavy to car top!


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Thanks for input guys, Im definately going to trailer it so 3.85 would be ok. Ill go check out the explorer , the extra width sounds good to me. It doesnt matter if I get a second hand one either in fact id prefer it. If any one hears of anything please let me know.

Thanks again.

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Thanks Buz Ill keep an eye out, although I have just checked out the Explorer and I dont think its what im after. Its more like a conventional tinnie with too much lost space up the front compared to the Sea Jay Barra which at 3.55 has more useable space. I also just checked out the Stacer Proline 3.7 which looks pretty good as well. It has rivited seats which allows for some modification without too much trouble. I wouldnt mind finding a second hand one of those :gleam:


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