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Yoemans Bay?


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Took a tinny out last sat and drifted form inside Yoemans bay out to theCowan creek and got 5 squire up to 30cm,dinner plate size flounder and 2 lizardsup to 51cm in 2 hours.

Not very expireanced in that area and was wondering if yoemans bay has a rep as a good spot?

Going again this weekend and was hoping someone could give me a tip on some other good spots around that area?

P.s Saw the biggest bream ever under the pontoon at the cottage point cafe, some of them would of been 45cm or more and of course not allowed to fish their :ranting2:

cheers, Oackie.

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Yoemans Bay is a funny type of spot. Not renowned for delivering large fish every day however some of the most amazing species are found there. One day you can catch 30 garfish in an hour, other days large lizards or Jewies have been caught there by us. We have even caught a hairtail there during a winters day once. It is our out of the wind spot if all else fails and is a lovely spot to kick back and relax when the sun is out. Often though there is very little fish caught there worth keeping. You must have caught it on a very good day.....there are always a lot of squire bream there undersized.

Rumour has it that the Hawkesbury's largest ever Jewfish as recorded was taken in Yoemans Bay. Can anyone else shed some light on this? Is it fact or fiction?

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Thanks elk,

thinking of hitting it (again) this weekend,strong w wind pridicted for saturday so it could be a good choise then.

In regards to your hairtail comment, about 18yrs ago we were in refuge or j bay on the easter weekend not fishing, we decided to throw a line out and caught a little yellowtail so we then rigged it up and throw it out in the hope of a jew, forgot about it for a few hours, came back and found this big, long, shinny, mega tooth looking thing on the end which turned out to be a hairtail.

If memory serves me correctly and i think it does we must have caught it at about 4pm or earlier because it was still light and we had everyone on the boats trying to figure out what it was.About 1 -1.5 m long.

I had always thought they were full on nocturnal creaturs and would like to know how many ppl have caught them during the day?


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Oackie - there was a video made about 20 years ago on these - when they were a real fish.  All the fish in the video were caught during the day out near Box Head.  And they caught plenty.


Have seen that one Pedro a few times, makes me drool over what the fishing must have been like back then :1yikes: They caught over twenty and even hooked a jewie...imagine how many jewies must have been in the system :drool:

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