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Updated Photo Of Old Bar Entrance


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G`day Fellas ,

Just finished watching The cricket , so thought I`d see if An email I was waiting for had arrived which it hadn`t , so had a quick look in here.

Hey Heath , I was going to go for a looksee down near the Meridian this arvo , but finished up with visitors , so I didn`t get down there.

I`m told the steps have gone , but I`ll get a pic in the next day or so.

Yaaawwnnn , think I`ll hit the hay .


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Looks like you've had a bit of rain down that way Mick.

Love the Flag. " Go the OLD BAR Pirates " :thumbup:

BTW, the Merridian hasn't slipped into the Pacific yet has it :1clap:


Steps gone hey... Woohoo! :yahoo: My uncle will be killing himself laughing. :1clap:

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