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Sydney Harbour. 02/07/05

Guest Jocool

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Guest Jocool

two weeks without a fish sends me round the twist. So for the sake of my sanity, and those around me, Pedro was kind enough to offer to take me out for the day! LEGEND! The plan was to launch at Roseville, and go from there. We weren't expecting much, what with the recent rain and so forth, and at one stage it looked like we may have been better of using the 4X4 rather than the boat! Any one from Melbourne would have felt right at home!

Our first sortie saw us throwing some plastics at moored boats not far from the ramp. There was no chance of spotting fish in the chocolate murk, so we relied entirely on feel! :wacko: Pedro was first to get "touched", but realised he was snagged. After a bit of tooing and frowing he managed to pull of the back of the boat he was working, and retrieved his jig only to find a bung, of all things, attached to the jig. Luckily it was differnent to his bungs, so we knew it wasnt his. :1clap:

Moved out toward Bantry, and I think that is where Pedro decided to throw his wife's dinner into the water! :074:

Move further down stream to work other areas and bays, but we were finding it to hard, so looked around for some clearer waters. Ended up doing a slow troll around North Head and even threw poppers around the wash for no result. A bit of a lumpy swell made it too uncomfortable so we headed for the protection of Quarantine Bay.

As we driffted along I took Pedro's advice and dropshot-rigged a squid jig as we tossed some more SP's around. Wasn't that a good bit of advice! :biggrin2: Came up trumps on a really nice squid that is currently marinating. And I dropped a smaller one. :05: And then it started getting interesting. :risata:

Pedro latches onto something. He calls it for a flatty, and procedes to get walked all over his boat. Took a while to subdue the fish, and finally came up trumps on this beauty.


Nice flatty...NOT! It went 39cm.

Pedro gets strike number 2. Again...calls it for a flatty.


Good Flatty......

Another strike for Pedro, saw him come good with a tailor that he wasn't game to call before it hit the net!


By this stage we decided to try other areas as it slowed down. Worked our way around to Little Manly and targetted some pontoons. The water was very murky as it eddied round the bay, and we half-heartedly persisted. Pedro turned to me and said....No Bream in it right mind wou....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....And he was on! Following is a picture of a bream that WASN'T in it's right mind! :risata:


By this stage I was in stitches as every fish Pedro had called had been so far from the truth it wasn't funny! And to top it of, his next one he called as a bit smaller than the above bream, and proceeded to do battle with a 10 cm fish! :1prop:

Nearing the end of our time on the water we trolled a couple of minnows around the front of Dobroyd and over to Balmoral, and finnaly had a double hook up on some tailor at the top of Balmoral. Tried to repeat it, but didn't raise anymore!

Motored back toward the ramp with an occasional flick at a hull or pontoon, for nil results. Back near the ramp we fossicked a bit around where Pedro picked up the bung, to be confronted by this......


And this is what we saw on the sounder......


The first picture shows the TOP of the mast....the second shows the rigging and hull! :1yikes: I'm pretty sure thats where that bung belongs Pedro! :tease:

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Guest Jocool

Thanks for the company Joe.


Thanks for having me aboard mate.

Incidently...your luderick never made the cut! :thumbdown:

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Guest Jocool
Pedro did this, Pedro did that, WHAT ABOUT JOE ?

I know it was his boat, But?

Cheers Guys!


Mate...I was just happy to be on the water. Glad to have been asked out frankly. Can't upstage the host now can we? :1naughty: Besides...someone had to operate the photagraphic apparatus!

I did manage to catch a squid and a tailor.

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Hi Pete, Well dome mate on the removeing of the Bung that is, tell us what they cook up like or was it a kiss and release job. :074:

If the guy who own's the boat finds out it was you exspect the :hitsfan: don't worry mate you can always ask to be sent to Parklee close to home for weekend visiters to visit you. :074::074::074:

Cheers RAY

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