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Harbour Breamin


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Well Lee and I have hit the Harbour a bit over the last few weeks and after the rain we decided to give it another workout.

Started nice and early around Rose Bay and before lee could get his plastic in the water I was calling for the net :1prop:

second pontoon and the biggest bream I have ever seen came right out and smashed my Hawg and run about 5 meters in the opent, with line screeming of the reel (drag was bloody tight too) the fish turned and headed stright back for the pylons. I could instantly feel my line rubbing on a pylon and in a desperate attemt to safe grace I opened the bail arm and manouvered around the pylons. This fish would not stop and line kept peeling from the reel. I had no choise but to attempt to muscle it out. About 45seconds later I was pulling in a weightless line oh well :05: . My hear was pumpin and hands shaking after losing what was definatly a PB....next time

After tis we moved onto some boats for another fish. I said to lee "this boat always holds a nice fish" as my placy hit the water i was calling for the net again.

Another move was in order and we opted for the deeper waters littered with structure around Black wattle and peirmont. We were fishing about 10 meters depth. Lee was covering the first 3 meters of water and I was going up the back of the pylons and fishing the bottom. With drag ultra tight and an excited look on my face whilst the line was at least 15 meters back into the structure I turned to lee and said " imagine my line tightning up om me now what a rush" next thing my line was tight and I was absoloutly cranking on the stradic to pull a nice mid 30"s bream from the structure. A few more fish were lost by both of us to either pulled hooks or oyster encrusted pylons.

Aftr this we ran into Nicko and GM for a quick yarn before hittin Balmain for another couple of fish. and calling it a day as we could see the storm rolling in.

Happy Breamin


first pic is lee with a nice on and a couple of mine




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Guest Jocool

Good to see the bream still active with the influx of fres water. What was the water quality like in the upper Harbour? Where me and Pedro were yesterday, it was chocolate! :1prop:

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