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Pittwater 3/6

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Met MarkD down at Bayview for an early start about 5.45 am. We headed for the Joey first hoping for some salmon, but the wind was up early so we headed inside for a bit of SP action. Zilch on the SPs, as the wind was a bit strong so the drifts were probably too quick, no leccy yet, so couldnt hold a nice drift. Anyhow, we hit a few squid spots and landed a few. After awhile went to have a look up McCarrs Creek, but the tide was too low. Back for a last flick for squid and Mark lands a nice one, pictured. Calamari rings for dinner tomorrow. It was tops on the water today and the wind dropped off a bit mid-morning and I managed to try out a new fly. Unfortunately, no fish today, but some nice sized squid which are always good fun to catch and too good to eat to use as bait. Thanks for the company Mark, nice to meet another Raider, we'll get out on the Harbour next time.


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Guest MarkD

Thanks again for a great day out Ken. I've just scoffed my squid with the :wife: she says thanks too! Tried that Sezchuan (sp?) and sea salt in light batter I mentioned to you - beautiful :thumbup:



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Thanks Raiders,

if it were not for the squid, it would have been a big zero for Mark and myself, not even a bump on the SPs or fly, although I only gave the fly a couple of casts to test out the new gurgler.

Ankles and Outnumbered,

the kids and I are looking forward to the calamari rings tomorrow, they are definitely a treat.


the boats going as smooth as and I'm very happy with it. Like I keep telling the Mrs, now that I have it, Iv'e got to use it, she doesnt agree though :(


cheers. Glad your Mrs liked the squid, I'll have to get some Szechuan pepper seeds, sounds like the go.


it sure was cold, had on 4 layers and didnt take them off all day.


we tried THE spot twice and didnt even see a squid. We tried about 4 bays b4 landing a couple, I caught 2 in two successive drifts, then Mark landed the big one at the last spot b4 coming home.

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