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Old Bar Beach Resort ( Meridian )


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G`day Fellas ,

Hey Heath , the youngfella tooks some snaps of the beach this morning , but forgot to adjust the camera , so the pics are a bit hazy .

But The pics below should give Former locals an idea of Just what has happened over the last week or so.

The Blue house in the bottom pic is almost in the drink , next big storm will see it swimming , without urgent reclamation works done now!!.

The Pic with the seat , is in front of the Meridian Resort , it too is under serious threat .

Units are going cheap at the moment , Only $ 700,000 how many do youse want?????.

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G`day Fellas ,

Belive it or not , one of the owners of these houses hired a Backhoe , and cut a driveway through the sand dune to the beach for his 4X4 .

There was hell to pay from the council , and he was forced to reclaim the area , but the vegitation removed when the initial cut was made has never grown back completely , and so when we get large seas and storms combined , serious erosion occurs.

The boulders were added as an attempt to stop the erosion after the 2001 floods , but as you can see are totally inadequate for the job at hand.

HEATH , The pic below I think shows part of the the steps or the Platform from which the resort customers looked out over the area.

I might also add , that scroungers have been very busy collecting chains , logs , and other items washed down by the rain and heavy seas , note the left hand corner of the photo.


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Mick, thanks for the pics.

That pic of the seat! WOW :yahoo:

Last time I was at Oldbar that seat was way away from the beach!

The developers only have themselves to blame & the councilors should be sacked over that development.

I know of the guy you are talking about that cut his own track through as well. He is mad.

My uncle may get his beach views back yet :074:

You know, he had a plan showing a road infront of the houses already about to fall in the drink. The road naturally never got developed due to the pace the bank was being erroded & as such the reason there was an imaginary 100 year tide line drawn where no development could take place. The tide line runs right through the middle of most of the houses that have beach front & also the units at the Meridian that have been recently constructed. Thats why all the houses that were built oin the last few years on the spare blocks in Lewis street are set back from the beach, because of that imaginary line.

To reclaim the beach is going to take some serious effort by way of sand pumping jetty or similar. Can guarantee thats not going to happen.


Them houses on Currumbin Hill are in a very bad state. The whole hill is in danger of slipping. Not only affecting them few houses, but everyone below and either side. Them properties on the hill had been selling for 1.5mil - 3 mil and are now virtually worthless.

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G`day Fellas ,

Hey Heath , there is big whisper going round here , and this time its from those who should know , is that the land from the end of Lewis street to Wallabi Pt , is to be purchased from the orignal owners ( Aboriginal Land Council ? ) and developed .

Rumor has it that , not only is the Millionaires Marina back on the drawing Board In Scotts Creek , but there are to be 2 storey mansions built all the way down to Wallabi Pt.

According to a local Follower of council meetings , he saw the Plans for Lewis St as they were tabled two weeks ago .

Now I wont mind them building all the way to Wallabi , as Long as they leave a parking area about 1/2 way down.

That area known as the gap , to most of the locals , is one of the best Jewie spots on the Mid Noth coast ,and being able to drive down Lewis st , Park , and simply walk down a small sand dune and fish it will be heaven.

As it is now , most of the Guns , who do not own 4X4 `s , have a I kilm walk Both ways, which as you probably know , is the the testing material .

Lugging a 50 odd pound fish on your back , I kilm up the beach , in the dark , in a blow , in winter , and with all your gear is indeed tiresome .

The Pussies do it in Waders , by the way ! .

Watch this space.


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