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Lake Macquarie 2/7

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What can you say about this lake. It a great piece of water but I'll be buggered if we can catch bream on lures up there in winter.......

We dropped the boat in at Nords Wharf and we were on the water at 6.30am. We were going to try a different plan of attack today and head down the southern end of the lake. First stop Mannering park and had a quick flick around some boats for no result, not even a touch.

Next round to the inlet at Manno and found another boat there. We gave them there space and fished the concrete walls and after they left we fish the grills. Had a couple of half hearted knocks but still no result. (Saw the guys in the other boat land 2 reasonable fish :1badmood: )

We decided to head up to the drop over and try our luck there. Tried a couple of rock points on the way back and still ................. you guessed it not a fish to be seen.

By this time it was about 2pm and we were starting to get frustrated. So it was time to stop for a bit of lunch. We set up a drift off the back of Pullbah and tried out the portable BBQ I bought at the fishing show.......... I tell you what.... Sasuages, fresh bread rolls and a couple of icy cold beers were great.

A hot lunch with cold beers we felt like royalty. By far the high light of the day.

After a great feed we thought we would have a last ditch effort on the southern side of Pullbah. I ened up landing one fish and it was a bloody Tarwhine. So after 8 hours not a single bream.

The worse thing is we know there are good fish to be had up there but we can't find them. If anyone has some tips for Breaming the lake this time of year I am all ears..... Or better still if someone wants to come up and show us the ropes we are quite happy to supply lunch and a few refreshing ales :1naughty:

I think we will avoid the lake until things start to warm up a bit.........

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Unlucky outing Jethro!

Seems you are putting in the effort, but the results are not forthcoming... It will have to pay off for you sometime soon, maybe that dream day is just around the corner?

The reports are around of fish, but they are very elusive. Maybe when the water warms a little things will hot up a bit.


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Thanks guys.

I know there are some good fish to be had in the lake but just not for us.

I think you are right Warwick. I will give it a miss for a couple of months until the water warms up a bit. Hopefully we will have found a few by the next Pro Bream.

On a side note the little BBQ is the best $18 I have even spent. I was hoping for a couple of flatties but they weren't forth coming so we had to settle for bangers :1prop:

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Hey Jethro,

Is it gas/metho or another type??


Its a little single burner gas stove that takes the aresol type canasters. Same as the one those guys were using at the Pro Bream. Not sure if you saw it..

We would usually set it up on shore but the lake was like a mill pond so we set it up on the front deck with a towel underneath it.

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Yeah i know the ones...

You must have had VERY flat conditions to get it going... I do like the idea of having fresh flathead fillets on a salad, being washed down with a cold beer while getting amongst the fish. Can't get much better than that!


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It really surprised me how much heat they put out.

We bought a cast iron plate for the top of it and it only took 5mins to get hot. After that we had to turn it down to 1/4 power so the snags wouldn't burn.

I can't wait to try a fresh flatty........MMmmmmm

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Jethro - when the estuary here isn't firing I head to the ocean rocks - as long as conditions are safe. There are some nice tailor, bream and snapper on offer at the moment so it might pay you to visit Catherine Hill Bay. I was drifting around some leases in Tilligerry Creek one day last week and had no luck. Spoke to a bait fisho in another boat and he reckoned too much rain has put the bream off the bite - that's his excuse anyway. Hope you make up for lost time come September.

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