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Botany Bay 4/7/05

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Fished the bay today with Garry”Buster1” out of his boat. We were on the water by 7.30am and after a chilly run across the bay to the oil wharf’ where we had herd that there were tailor & salmon. We trolled around for about 30 minutes without a touch then headed over to silver beach to do a little flatty spinning where Garry caught the smallest cuttlefish I’ve ever seen only about 5 inch’s long so we went back to the oil wharf to see if we could convert it into a king. Anchoring at the end of a line of boats that were fishing there we cast the cuttlefish towards the wharf & started the waiting game, we noticed that a couple of boat were spinning up a few tailor so we got into the act casting towards the oil wharf & letting the lure hit bottom then with a fast jigging retrieve almost every cast was a hookup the fish weren’t big' from just under 30cm too 35cm but what they lacked in size they made up for in numbers. After about 45 minutes we released the little cuttlefish & went over to Bonna point for a flatty spin. The flatties didn’t want to play though we did get 1 of 40cm but there were stacks of squid there, following up our SP. We caught 5 on a squid jig but didn’t really target them we were after flatties but if you did target them you probably could get as many as you wanted. Next stop was spot X where Garry had been getting a few lizards, on my second cast I hooked a nice fish that would have given 60cm a good nudge only to have the hook pull close to the boat Garry also dropped a couple of fish as well, then I landed a nice lizard of around 50cm then next cast hooked another fish that spat the lure right next to the boat again. Garry then caught a 50cm model. Over the next hour and half we won some we lost some, near the bottom of the tide the light breeze stopped and the bay just glassed out and the fish went off the bite. So we pulled the pin at 12.30pm it was a lovely day out good weather, good company and a few fish to top it off. :thumbup::thumbup:



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Guest bluecod

Nice feed of fish and squid you managed - and makes me envious as I had meeting after meeting today. Top report :thumbup:

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