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luderick at night


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Has anyone actively targeted blackfish at night and successfully caught them. I tried nippers and Weed for no interest at a very brightly lit wharf and too see schools of luderick around and not hook any was very frustrating. Seems like my blackfishing is just as bad as my garfish fishing in that this year so far it's been donut after donut. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I am looking to target some luderick from the shore, does anyone have any spots that are safe to fish from and does not invole major rock climbing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Don't worry about not catching them at night the ywill be like that during the day as well.....as forday time let me know where you want to target them and I and others no doubt will be back with some pointers soon..............

Thanks Royce,

Hey Any chance of us meeting up this weekend or next for a luderick session. I also own my own fly gear if you think that will be worth a try? but I do not have any weed patterns



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