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A gd silver drummer session


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I went currarong fishing with my fds yesterday. The weather was perfect for drummer fishing which was mild wave and cloudy weather.

I used to catch a lot of Groper in this spot. But the number of them has decreased due to over fishing. Anyway, l tried fishing drummer in one of the new platform.

The result was excellent. When my float was stopped between the rock, the silver drummer took the straight away in 5 secs. All the size are between 35 to 43 cm and landed 15plus.

After the sun come up in the afternoon, the bites dropped. I changed my bait to squid. I saw my float was moving up and down and l know a fishing was nippling my bait.

I waited until the float going down a bit and the fish was on and it pulled my rod towards the sea. The force was so strong and l know it is a big fish because l used to catch a 50cm plus drummer. My drag make a Sound when the fish was waving the tail. I can only pull up my rod to stop it. Unfortunately, there are too much rocks there and the fish was stuck into the rock.

I just broken the line and fish again. Finally l have caught a 43 cm Groper to bring up. All the silver drummer were released and took every rubbish back to the car. No photo has taken because l just fish too hard.



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That is a solid session with some good fish. Great work. Those groupers pull like freight trains, I bet it was what reefed you. Good work on getting the other one up though, they are an awesome fish and so so tasty. Congrats on a successful mission.


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