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Rod power categories


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I'm looking at getting a 6-10kg SHIMANO RAIDER II SERIES MF TRAVEL INSHORE SNAPPER SPIN HEAVY 703 ROD for a trip to Fiji to hopefully catch some small trevally and queenfish etc. I'll be mainly shore based but want to use it on a boat as well. Hence not going for the 9 foot version. Will this be ok?

On another point I'm intrigued to get an understanding of the different power categories of rods...and where the above mentioned fits in. I'd place it as as a medium.

So is there a system for Australia waters to atribute a line class to the below categories?

UL - Ultra-Light

L - Light

ML - Med/Light

M - Medium

MH - Medium Heavy

H - Heavy

XH - Extra Heavy

UH - Ultra Heavy

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