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crowdy head any one fished there lately


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hi guys of to harrington/ crowdy head for an extra long long weekend and was wondering if any one has fished there lately. i have some mates that fish the area regularly for jew and bream so i know whats happening there. . taking the boat to give the close reefs and gravel patches a go on soft plastics for snapper for something different, never done it befor.

what i was wanting to know has any one been doing any good on the snapper ?

have there been many caught?

and now for the big question does any one have any gps marks or areas that would be a good spot to try for a snapper off crowdy.

cheers Jim

if some one can get me onto some snapper in the salt off crowdy i can get you onto some murray cod in the fresh(must be catch and release and you have to like walking ) so if any one in the crowdy area wants to do a fishing trip trade let me know

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