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Jervis Bay Point P and South Murray Island

Aqua Naut

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Well we took a chance with awesome weather on the cards so Kev and I headed down earlyso we can be on the water at sunrise. Perfect conditions with a slight 10 nott W wind and calm waters. Headed straight for some bait and our first mark didnt take long for some livies. Filled the tank within 20 mins so we headed for Point P. Sounder was alittle quiet with the odd patch here and there so we drifed a few live baits out for s few hours but no takers. Had them out mid water and down deep. So we decided to head for another marked spot and anchor up. Had a nice burley trail happening and it took a while before we had some action. We managed 8 bonito 55cm 6 trevally to 35cm 2 bream 32cm 5 rainbow wrasse then it became alive with massive slimmey mackrel and they were in plagues under the boat. We manged to land 57 all were 35cm to 40cm long. Fantastic bait for our next fishing trip. The Kings never showed up but we had a great days fishing regardless. Tight lines! :-)

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