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Salmon Session


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I hadn't been out for ages and my little bloke Jnr Jnr Poddy Trapper had been bugging me to take him out. So the plan was hatched to try and harass some of Basscatchers Sambo's up the Georges (assumming we could find them). I must say it did take a bit of time to find the bait and I could see they were down pretty deep. They wouldn't take a metal or plastic so decided to troll down deep and after a pass or two Jnr Jnr Poddy Trapper came up tight on his first Aussie Salmon that went 51cm....quick pic then back in the drink it went to grow a bit bigger.

post-4925-011869900 1338209316_thumb.jpg

Chucked some surface lures at some half hearted bust ups but couldn't tempt them on the surface so back into troll mode and it didn't take long before Jnr Jnr Poddy Trapper was on again this time upgrading his PB to a 60cm model....quick measure, pics and off he swam...

post-4925-049408200 1338209334_thumb.jpg

I captured him fighting the fish and uploaded it, I love putting my little blokes onto good fish and seeing how stoked they get about fishing....I could complain about how hard it is to try and video and net at the same time but I think you'd see right through me and just how bad I can be with the net...

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Thanks all for the comments, I'll show Jnr Poddy tonight, he's still got the grin on his face from Saturday.

Great work finding those Salmon and getting jnr poddy trapper onto a 60cm fish. It is a pity you didn't get them on the surface.

I was really hoping they were up ontop before heading out and rigged that way, but as the old saying goes 'you need to fish the conditions and work out what works on the day'....I never would have found them without the sounder to locate the bait...

Good luck with the exams Bassboy, we C&R'd ours for when you are finished....

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Man, thats awesome. you guys make a good team.

but did i hear correctly? you found these fish in the georges river? is this common?

Thanks mate, he's a great little dude, so is his old brother who has Flathead PB at 82cm on plastic which is better than mine.

Yep got them in the Georges....I hadn't seen them there before either, but I'm told they do get up there every so often.

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Great catch, and nothing like seeing the pure joy on the little fellas faces, I have no idea how you did the video and work the net... I have tried and nearly lost the phone and the net!! Well done

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