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Sonichub Flash Drive Error


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Hi Guys

Just wanted to drop in an issue that i had with the Lawrance HDS and the Sonichub sound system.

I spent mamy hours on the help line with trying to find out when i tryed to load the new software onto the sonichub why i keeped getting an error on the screen "Flash Drive Error"

If this error appears the HDS then the sonichub is faulty, dont waste your time return it to the importer and dont listen to anyone who says that they have never heard of the problem.

This is a well known issue with the Sonichub in the USA.

There are several other things that they dont tell you either,

To operated the sonichub you need to install a "back bone" it a like seprate power supply unrelated to any of the Lawrance components.

Once you bash through all of the install and the poorly writen instructions, know where do they tell you how to find the sonichub menu.

The Sonichub menu is found by pressing and holding the page button down to move the active screen ( the Yellow outlined box arround the screen tells you which screen is active.) Once it appears at the bottom on the sonichub press the menu button.

Good Luck

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I have also found that there is a huge communication gaps between the Australian and us companies. Thank god for the Internet! I have found a few great sites from the us for issues with lowrance, so it always helps to research, although we shouldn't have to!

Cheers Leo

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