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Please see the email I received today from ACMA regarding a launch today of some videos. I have put the videos on our Fishtube (right side of forum) or you can watch on the links provided below.

The ACMA has today launched two videos aimed at informing recreational boaters

about the importance of VHF marine radios, which channels to use, when and how.

The ACMA has also collaborated with the Bureau of Meteorology in the second videoto inform boaters about how to use the VHF marine radio to get informationabout the weather.

The media release can be found via this link ACMA VHF marine mediarelease 31 May 2012

Direct links to the videos can be found on the ACMA website www.acma.gov.au/vhfmarine.

As the ACMA is keen to see the video links distributed as widely as possible, we are happy for the links to be included in newsletters, magazines, shared with other organisations, displayed on organisational websites or used in social media communications such as on Facebook andTwitter. If you have difficulty sharing the links please let us know and we will assist you if we can.

As the ongoing information program is an initiative borne out of the Review of Marine Radio Operator Qualifications – Recreational (Non-commercial) vessels, the ACMA is informing all respondents to the review of the video release.

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