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When to replace trailer bearings

General Zod

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Hi, just want to know when I need to replace my trailer bearings. I took the wheel off and spun the axle around and it seems smooth. The grease still looks new. This is only from the front though. Haven't taken of everything yet.

Are there any signs of when I might need to replace the bearings, like any noise when I'm driving etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

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post-15062-033966700 1338512898_thumb.jpg

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it depends on how far you tow your trailer, if the ramp is only around the corner then every couple of years should be ok. but if your

driving a fair way or regularly take long trips away then every year is advisable..:1fishing1:

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Bearings will not always give a sign before they go. I would heck and re-pack them every year. It does not take too much time but gives great peace of mind. It is one of the worst jobs in the world to change wheel bearings on the side of the road especially if it is at night and raining.

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i used to inspect my bearings yearly and change them if there was freeplay or water intrusion in the grease ,i got caught out one day doin it a hundred klms from home ,so i replace them yearly now,and i keep a hub packed with a greased bearing in the car just incase

but in saying that i once got 5 yrs out of a set of bearings(single axle)but i lived two minutes from the ramp,i now live 30 minutes from the ramp and its a duel axle set up witch i beleive place more load on the bearing when turning

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I do it every 4 4l bottles of 2 stroke oil

When I buy a box of four bottles I buy a set of bearings

Weird but works for me if I use it more it means I check them more replace them more often

Sometimes it's every 6 months

By the time you have heard the grinding noise it's highly likely you have scoured the stub axle which if not cleaned up or replaced you will shorten the life of the new set

20k of boat is reliant on $60 worth of bearings

Apart from the inconvienenace of breaking down and not getting out

Its not worth losing it at speed and destroying the boat or killing someone

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Wheel bearings on your boat trailer should be checked annually by jacking up the trailer, spinning the wheel listening for noise, holding the tyre and testing for excessive movement that suggests bearing wear near collapse.

If in doubt replace your bearings.


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