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Good sesh at jeffrey St Wharf


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Went for a fish with Nick(parraman) and hamish(flatboy) at Jeffrey Street Wharf...

With the intention to catch some jew, we set up 4 baitrunners with snell rigs and a mixture of pilchard and squid. 2 nights previously we attended a squid seminar that taught us the traits of catching squid. half an hour before high tide Nick's baitrunner came to life. Initial thoughts were a jew, however as it surfaced it came apparent that it was a massive bream. It measured 41cm... Soon after Nick managed to catch his first squid. However it soon turned out to be a $20 squid as the squid jig was lost on the next cast. Right on high tide Hamish's baitrunner had a decent run, There was again a hope of a jew but it turned out to be a snapper that had been foul hooked. On my Aernos i had a half pilchard that was out there for whatever happened to come by. It seemed to be snagged but i was pulling in line. As it came to the surface a decent blue swimmer crab could be seen. As it was a female i soon released it. During the period after high tide the bite dies down with only small fish being caught. As i was tending to my squid jig my baitrunner started screaming. As i was on the other side of the wharf i was not able to hook whatever the fish was. At about 11 we ran out of bait so we called it a night.

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