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Slimey Mackeral on the menu


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Hey raiders I thought I would try something different last night. Instead of freezing this by catch for bait I decided to see if I could put it to good use.

"Wow hunny, this is nice what is it" Mackerel Luv! :wacko:

post-6621-071352600 1338758525_thumb.jpg

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and how did you prepare it?

Hey Benz, filleted, skinned, salt and pepper and a drop of oregano. Pan fried. Salad had some extra virgin oil, vinegar, salt and some goat cheese fetta. Was reaaly nice!

I hope that's the entree and not the main !!!!!!!!


That was the desert mate, we had already just gone through the flathead.... I guess it was just an experiment. Glad I did it though, tasted damn fine.

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I'll try smoking some. We usually throw the big ones back or use them for bait (dead). We find the big ones aren't much good for live bait as they die very quickly even in the live bait tank. They seem to thrash around too much when you catch them and injure themselves. The little ones make great live bait.

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