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Maritime Safety Checks


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A few weeks back i was approached by maritime inspectors just as i was about to tow my boat out from the water after winching it up. They were doing a random safety check of vessels and asked to see the following.

* An oar

* Life jackets for all on board + certification of age for inflatable type

* A bucket . With a rope attached! !!

* A waterproof torch . Yes even day time

* Vessel max passenger sticker . The new green one ,not the yellow one.

* A horn or whistle.

I failed on a few like no rope on the bucket an old sticker and no waterproof torch, but as i was already on the trailer he gave just gave me a warning. I was unaware about some items needed so i thought id ensure others were aware.


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All of what you were asked have been issues and requirments for some time.. And are listed on the waterways website .It is the first thing I do before hooking up the trailer is go through my safety list..At least you got a warning


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